United Arab Emirates has unique soil and climate condition: “Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira, Palm Jabel AliWater Front and The World are built inside the sea”; “Arabian ranches, Green Community, The Villa, Victory Heights, Sports City, Emirates Hills, Mead ows, Springs, …… are built in desert." This complicated environment  “i.e. sunshine, high temperature, wind, soil quality, available water” need high skills for the landscape design. design-snap




We pay particular attention to our client’s specific tastes and desires and collaborate with landscape engineers to create the ideal  landscape – complete with computer-generated blueprints and color perspectives of the final design – so that our client can visualize and evaluate if their vision has been achieved in the design. 

Garden, 3D Design
tropical garden design
Tropical Garden, 3D Design

Landscape Construction

Whether your garden is a place to relax, entertain, enjoy the view or have fun with kids,  we believe the key to a fabulous yet functional landscape plan is defining the space to serve your outdoor needs. We take responsibility for the complete installation of landscaping and irrigation projects. soft landscaping photoEach construction team consists of qualified managerial, supervisory and technical staffs, who are fully experienced in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping and irrigation. 

Our experts have full knowledge of the varying local climatic conditions and ensure that each scheme is planned and implemented accordingly. They work closely with our nursery staff and design teams to ensure that the greatest diversity of plant material is used and that it is suitable for the particular microclimate applicable to each site.


We often have a “do it and forget it” mentality. Once a task is completed, we do not give it a second thought. Instead, we move on to whatever is next in line. That attitude may work in some areas, but it certainly is not appropriate for the care and nurturing of your property’s landscape. Great landscaping does not stem exclusively from those days of planning and planting. Your property is a growing, living thing. You can set something beautiful into motion, but in order to get the most out of your landscaping plans, you will need to conduct regular maintenance.  

complete care

You will need to address the yard’s needs and to be proactive in order to prevent the development of problems that could completely derail your plans. Professional maintenance and aftercare is essential to ensure any landscape scheme, however large or small, continues to develop within the design concept chosen by our clients and to better satisfy their subsequent requirements.

Maintenance protects the initial investment in the landscape and provides our clients with long term usage and maximum value. Proper maintenance can allow all year round access to utilities such as sports-fields, with minimum interruption to the sporting calendar.

Landscape Maintenance

landscape maintenance

We offer maintenance services for Landscaping. We provide the functions on fully comprehensive by providing skilled gardeners on full or part time basis.The maintenance includes Turf grass management, Maintenance of trees, shrubs, hedges, ground covers, fertilizer application, and periodical reclamation of soil to avoid deficiencies in plant growth, pest and disease control

Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation Maintenance

We also specialize in irrigation maintenance. We provide the functions on fully comprehensive by providing skilled technicians on full or part time basis. The maintenance includes controller panel maintenance, Drippers and sprinklers adjustment/replacement, valve and water lines checking

Indoor Plants

Indoor-plantIndoor Plants brings softness, color, fresh air and a bit nature into yours villa and/or office. BBLI’s professionals recommend variety of plants, decorative pots and planters depending on your growing condition, taste and budget. Indoor plants are not only for ornamentation but also helps to clean the air we breathe indoor.

Blue Bird Landscaping and Irrigation L. L. C.’s professional chose carefully the best usual and unusual plants varieties to give beautiful look and clean air to breath. 

indoor Lechuzapic_indoor

Mist Cooling

To boost the enjoyment of outdoor activities in harsh environment of UAE, you need to have controlled out door temperature. Mist cooling is a simple and inexpensive way to effectively reduce temperature. Blue Bird Landscaping and Irrigation L.L.C. design and install mist cooling system for all out door activity.


nightscapingOutdoor lighting for landscape is always important. Our approach to garden lighting design is based on the fact that every garden design is unique and each scheme is created to enhance one of the most important ‘rooms’ in the house.

Once we have established a ‘picture’ of what the garden should look like, we can offer detailed quotation and plotted design on a garden plan. Our electricians are experienced external fitters who understand the garden and how the lights should be installed and positioned. As professional’s we ensure that not only is the design tailored made, it is also safe, an important issue with electricity in the garden. 


Irrigation System Installation

We study your site to provide the best-suited design for it. Then, coordinating with our landscape engineers, we install systems that ensure optimum watering results and maximum efficiency in water management. Our engineer and technicians are skilled in designing, installation and maintaining of all types of irrigation system: sprinkler, drip, bubbler, hybrid and subsurface irrigation systems
Water is life, particularly for any landscape within the harsh climatic conditions experienced in the Middle East. With a greater awareness and concern over water consumption, our irrigation systems are designed to maximize water usage efficiency, automatically controlled to apply the exact quantity of water required to maintain the landscape in pristine condition without wastage by over watering
We take pride in having a proven track record with our commercial clients, installing landscape irrigation systems quickly and without hassle. We can also help if your irrigation system requires maintenance or repairs.

Fountains and Water Features

Water not only sustains the landscape, it can be integrated into many different aesthetic and recreational features. Ponds and lakes provide a cooling effect to the surrounding air with a sense of tranquility, whilst the sound of running water has a very calming nature. Water features and associated planting encourages bird life into the landscape
The functional and aesthetic value of water can be combined by creating a lake or pond as a feature which is also used as the irrigation storage tank. These extraordinary works of art can fully make your garden unique. We carry everything from dolphins, mermaids, or even custom designs from your imagination These designs are endless - trickling streams, shallow riverbeds, water features and planter water falls and all of these add to the striking appeal of your oasis - your own heaven
Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the right products for your dream water garden.We offer new installation, renovations to existing water features, leak detection, repairs, & maintenance packages.


Two reasons why gardeners around the Emirates flock to Blue Bird nursery when our crops arrive: quality of our plants and the variety in our inventory. We offer over 100 unique plants, only of the best quality, suited to the peculiar climate of the Emirates at very affordable prices.