Fountains and Water Features

Water not only sustains the landscape, it can be integrated into many different aesthetic and recreational features. Ponds and lakes provide a cooling effect to the surrounding air with a sense of tranquility, whilst the sound of running water has a very calming nature. Water features and associated planting encourages bird life into the landscape
The functional and aesthetic value of water can be combined by creating a lake or pond as a feature which is also used as the irrigation storage tank. These extraordinary works of art can fully make your garden unique. We carry everything from dolphins, mermaids, or even custom designs from your imagination These designs are endless - trickling streams, shallow riverbeds, water features and planter water falls and all of these add to the striking appeal of your oasis - your own heaven
Our professional staff will assist you in choosing the right products for your dream water garden.We offer new installation, renovations to existing water features, leak detection, repairs, & maintenance packages.